Simple Book Cover with Back Side & Spine PSD

This is a pack of complete book cover pages like, front page_back cover page_& spine also. This kind of page design mainly use for a book decoration_so-called finishing touch.  Otherwise you can use these design pages in which you want to use in.

Office employee don’t have enough time to design or create a professional cover page design,, sometimes they failed to complete  their project for this extra time to design a page. But picturedensity here, try to slove this problem a little_bit by designing beautiful,professional cover pages for office employee,school student, & for many  others who want to utilites their time in their work not to waste time in designing a cover  page.

The above psd file, designed by our professional graphics dessigners to serve the best quality in the market.

File Information

  • Page size : height – 9.75 inches, width – 14.75 inches
  • Software in use : photoshop cs6.
  • Language in use : English
  • Resulation : 300 px.
  • Image size : 677 kb.

Download Psd Zip

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